Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Books, books, and more books...

I am so enjoying my summer off from classes, basically all I've done is read. I've got a few small projects, and picked up a 3rd job (yeah, I know that's crazy) but most of my free time is being spent reading. I thought I'd list what I've been reading here, I'll add some more information about the individual books later...mostly I need to make a list before I forget what I read.

To simplify the rating process of my likes/dislikes a * means I liked it enough that I'd tell other people to read it. the lack of a * does not mean I don't like the book, it just means I would be cautious telling other people to read it...like it requires a disclaimer or something. Thankfully, I have liked all the books I've read for the most part.

So here's the list (in no particular order):
*The Well of Lost Plots , by Jasper Fforde
*Something Rotten, by Jasper Fforde
*Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston
Gilead, by Marilynn Robinson
The Big Over Easy, by Jasper Fforde
*Couldn't Keep It to Myself: Wally Lamb and the Women of York Correctional Institution (Testimonies from our Imprisoned Sisters), by Wally Lamb
*Reading Lolita in Tehran, by Azar Nafisi
*My Year of Meats, by Ruth Ozeki
Ummm.....I think I'm forgetting some, I'll have to get back to you.

I'm currently reading Library an Unquiet History, by Matthew Battles

*Note: it would seem I couldn't finish Library an Unquiet History, I plan to come back to it, but for now, it was too dense for my muddied gray matter.