Friday, April 08, 2005

Spring Quarter already

It seems like this school year just started, but already I'm into Spring quarter and looking at classes for Summer. The time truly did go by faster than I would have expected. Amazingly everything is coming along pretty smoothly.

I'm excited about at least one of my classes this quarter, especially doing virtual reference for the IPL. I think it's going to be a pretty interesting opportunity. My other class has an instructor that I struggle to understand, perhaps it's just a different teaching style, but I get confused easily. I'm also looking forward to the library training I'm taking, learning about doing chat reference. I'm hoping that all of this experience will be helpful as time goes by in finding more work in school, and hopefully help me when I get out as well.

When I started this 3 years seemed like an eternity, but with one nearly behind me, I can't imagine how I could get through it all in less time. Maybe I can, but it seems like a more intense undertaking than I may be up for. The current pace is suiting me just fine.

Until next time,

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Two down and how many to go?

I survived Winter quarter, surprisingly well at that. I'm keeping really good grades and I really love my classes. For one of my final projects we did a study of non-traditional library services in 4 Northwest libraries. It was really interesting to get to talk to the librarian where I did my portion of the study and really helped re-afirm my decision to be in school.

Now it's Spring break, I'm waiting to see my final grades and then I'm heading off to Newport Oregon for a much needed break. Then it's back to class the end of March. This next quarter looks pretty exciting, between learning about cataloging and doing reference for the IPL. Promises to be another huge learning experience.

Till next time!

Friday, February 18, 2005

Oh yeah, that's right I started a blog...

This has been a CRAZY time in my life. It's already February, the second quarter of classes is almost over, WHERE did all the time go.

Things are going much better now that I've grown more accustomed to being in school. I finished my first quarter with a 3.7 GPA, not too bad if I say so myself. The first quarter was difficult because of the adjustment to being in school coupled with a really difficult class load and a professor with poor communication skills, but I lived.

This quarter is much better. I'm working as a reference assistant in the UW Engineering Library and I'm learning all about working in a library. I'm taking a reference services class as well, which has been a great corollary to the job. I'm hoping to get an assistantship next year. That would help with the financial pinch quite a bit.

All that aside, I'm feeling pretty good about my decision to leave my job, I don't miss it, EVER. I miss the great friends I made working there, but never the stress or the work load. I'm enjoying this opportunity to re-acquaint myself with someone really important, ME!

~Until next time