Friday, June 06, 2008

Pain at the pump

I had to post this because it made me ill. Michelle and I filled up the Toyota this morning for a hideously high $4.47 (and 9/10 of course) per gallon. Thank goodness we get an average of 30-35 mpg, but seriously this is too much.

We commute by train (which is free for us as Stanford employees) 3 days a week. We'd like to do 5 but the office Michelle works at on Tuesday and Thursday is off campus and a bit far thrown from transit. Hopefully this will change soon.

Hope everyone is happy and well,

Sunday, May 18, 2008

It's May

Already? Seems like it way just January. Summer seems to be pushing itself early here in California. For the last week we've managed to stay cool despite 104 degree days and 80 degree nights. We've been running the A/C in the house which I'm sure will make our power bill terrifying. I'm trying not to think about it too much.

The news from down here is pretty good. Everyone is healthy and Michelle has been at Stanford working for almost 6 weeks. I still love my job and all the challenges it presents.

**Warning librarian stuff follows**
I've been going through the arduous process of reviewing our reference collection. This means not only looking at what we have and figuring out what we should have that seems to have vanished, but also seeing what we've got in electronic format. Once I've done that I have to go back and see if there's things we can buy to replace the print titles and work to get rid of duplicate copies before we send our print off-site.

When I look at the shelves they seem so empty but when I start looking at the books the list grown really fast. So only 1/3 of the way in it looks like what I thought would be a short task is going to take weeks. The good news is more things are available electronically than we thought, so all this preparation will get us where we want to be eventually.

**Okay that's the end of the librarian stuff**

I hope everyone is having a good spring and that the sun shines on you, but not too much.

Until next time,

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Where am I?

Just a quick update to minimize confusion. I am now in California working at Stanford. I don't have a permanent home yet, Michelle is still in Seattle and I'm staying in a rented room.

My flight was hellish due to a nasty typhoon that decided to hit the bay area the day before I flew down but I made it in one piece. My luggage arrived the next morning. *sigh*

I'm excited to finally be starting my new job and soon it will, I'm sure, all feel more familiar and I'll be a little less scattered.

Best wishes and Happy new year!