Friday, June 06, 2008

Pain at the pump

I had to post this because it made me ill. Michelle and I filled up the Toyota this morning for a hideously high $4.47 (and 9/10 of course) per gallon. Thank goodness we get an average of 30-35 mpg, but seriously this is too much.

We commute by train (which is free for us as Stanford employees) 3 days a week. We'd like to do 5 but the office Michelle works at on Tuesday and Thursday is off campus and a bit far thrown from transit. Hopefully this will change soon.

Hope everyone is happy and well,

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Schmidt Family said...

$61.01 to fill up a car (Sarah is actually incorrect, the car gets 35 city and 40 hwy) that cost less than $20 when George W. came into office.

Isn't it lovely to know that the oil empire is screwing us coming AND going? First it costs thousands of lives (American, plus over a half million Iraqi civilians) to invade a country for no valid reason (other than that they are oil-rich and Halliburton wanted more money), then they continue to jack up the prices as high as they possibly can.