Thursday, January 19, 2006

What year is this?

Yeah, I think I may have been under a rock. No, that's not it, that's right I'm in grad school, I don't have time to ramble on I've got papers to write.

Seriously though, I had great intentions here like many of the projects I'm involved with, I just ran out of steam. At least I'm trying, right?

So here I am, heading into the home stretch. I never thought I'd see 2006, I figured last quarter was gonna kill me, but I lived just like ever quarter before that, and now there's just a few more quarters to go and I can go out and get a job like a grown-up.

So here's the last 6 months quickly:

June: End of Spring quarter and the start of the summer of hell
July: Sell condo, start to fall behind in summer classes
August: New apartment, second summer class starts, what was I thinking?
September: Go to Canada, get hitched, take an incomplete in that second summer class
October: Finish summer class just in time to start fall classes, have big 'ole family party
November: Huh? Oh right, November, study lots, eat turkey
December: ACK what happened to November? Study too much, get 3 weeks off, spend one bailing water out of living room (HO HO HO)
January: Hey, that's now! Just started another quarter, doing an internship and taking a light course load, maybe I am learning something....

See you in February, I hope...


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