Sunday, February 18, 2007

The sick pleasure of noise in the library...

Just as a sampling of one of the many reasons I love being in the library and around other librarians. The other day I was helping our head librarian shift some books in our reference stacks. There's some sick pleasure that can be found in the shuffling of books from one shelf to the next.

One of my co-workers aptly described it as being like, "defragging your hard-drive." And she's totally right, it's that kind of satisfaction...of course, you have to have the right personality to find pleasure in this sort of activity. So here's where it got funny, we're shifting books to condense the stacks, as we're doing this we're removing un-needed metal bookends. Since we're in the library (you know shush and all that crap), I begin quietly stacking them off to one boss grabs them and flings them down on the floor at the end of the aisle (about 8 feet away)hitting the metal covering on the radiator. He does this over and over as we shuffle the stacks and we laugh and ponder the noise insulation value of all these books.

I love librarians.

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Michelle said...

funny, i love defragging a hard drive, but i despise reorganizing books. i like my books disorganized, sort of a "just read something damnit" kind of style ;-)