Friday, August 31, 2007

Blah, blah. blog...

Now from that title you might think I'm bored...but you would be wrong. I just started on Aug 30 working at Microsoft doing some indexing and search refinement work. It's quite interesting and I'm happy to be doing it, even if it is for Microsoft. I get free pop and a nice paycheck, no complaints here.

Even bigger news is that I heard early this week that I have been invited to interview for an Engineering librarian position at STANFORD!!! :) It's one I didn't have a lot of optimism about because I thought I'd get weeded out by the millions of other applicants (which is what happens in Seattle) but apparently, THEY LIKE ME!! So October 1st (it was originally Sept 17) I will be giving it my all down in Palo Alto.

So everyone think good thoughts for me.

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