Monday, November 13, 2006


Some people would say wench is a derogatory term, but I beg to differ. I happen to like the word wench. I'd take issue with some of it's synonyms, such as matron, shrew, dame, etc.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary ( wench has been used to refer to "A girl, maid, young woman"; "a female child"; "a girl of the rustic or working class"; "a wanton woman; a mistress"; and "a female servant, maidservant, serving-maid." I feel comfortable embracing all of those terms except perhaps the wanton woman part. I'm pretty sure I'm not 'wanting' for anything these days, except maybe a few more hours of sleep.

I love answering reference questions, and I do take an 'at your service' approach. I'm here for my patrons and whatever obscure question they want me to try and answer (within all the legal limits, etc.)

If you're reading this, tell me, what does wench mean to you? Do you have any wenches in your life?

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selfish children productions said...

You're the only wench for me, sugar!